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I need some help from my brilliant LJ friends list.

For a party I'm having in about a month, I'm trying to put together a collection of "great moments in Haxploitation." Think movies like Hackers, Wargames, and The Net that trade on the inherent awesomeness of illegal computer usage to be "cool." For this project, I'm mostly looking for cool clips/scenes that capture the genre. Scenes from Hackers, Wargames, and Sneakers aren't needed, since I'm screening those films at the party. Right now I'm more looking for scenes that won't otherwise be represented. Some ideas I'm currently planning on using:

R2D2 hacks the Death Star
Some Keanu stuff from The Matrix
The tense "hit the escape button" scene from The Net, along with possibly some other stuff
Some of the hacking stuff from Mission: Impossible
The hyperdramatic vertigo shot from AntiTrust
Some stuff from Jurassic Park, probably

So, my question is whether you know of any other awesome cinematic hacking moments that I should be including. If so, please comment.

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